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How GoFreshWater products filters and purifies

3 Stage Filter and Purifying 

Stage 1:  Particle and vegetation filter

The first stage of the water filtration process to ensure you drink only the very cleanest of water is our gauze particle and vegetation filter.

This clever design removes dirt particles, insects, grasses and any other objects that may be in the water that may clog the next stage of the purification process. This is another unique design of the GoFreshWater products that helps extend the life of your product.

Stage 2:  Ion exchange Purifying

The final stage of purification for the GoFreshWater products is the absorption of chemicals, volatile organic compound, heavy metals when the water passes over the activated carbon.

Activated carbon is essentially very finely crushed charcoal that has been treated with oxygen to create ion charge to allow chemicals, odours and soluble metals to bond or be trapped to the carbon atoms when water passes over it. The oxygen literally opens or breaks up millions if not billions carbon bonds per gram of carbon.

The charcoal is so finely crushed that the surface area between 1000 to 2000 square metres of surface area per gram. That is equivalent of a football field.  In the Go-Bottle, there is 100 grams of carbon or 15 football fields

The activated carbon in the GoFreshWater products have been treated with an antibacterial to avoid any potential growth of mould.

Stage 3: 0.01 Micron Filtration

Over 40 meters of medical grade 0.01 membrane is used to filter out all the biological nasties.


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