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GoFreshWater Purifiers: Keeping Camping Easy

Reliable, affordable, long-lasting water filters and purifiers



The Go-Bottle is reliable, affordable and comes with long-lasting camping water filters to keep you hiking. Its improved design is lightweight and portable combining several technologies to provide a superb product.

The product is ideal for a number of different applications. When you’re far from home while camping or hiking water purification can literally be a life-saver. The Go-Bottle is designed to be taken anywhere and used anytime, so you always have what you need.

The Go-Bottle removes chemicals, 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses, and bad tastes giving you confidence that what you are drinking is perfectly safe. This highly effective water purifier means camping trips aren’t tainted by upset stomachs, or worse Fill up from a stream, lake, dam or tap and be certain what you’re drinking is 100% safe.

Trust a Go-Bottle water filter; hiking has never been easier!

The Go-Bottle has been developed over many years and stringently independently tested. It has won many certifications including the Certificate of Water Quality Association Gold Seal, and Approval by the US Environmental Protection Authority.

Its convenient size means it is one of the few total hiking water purification systems able to be thrown in a hiking pack a handbag, or even mounted on a bike.

The Go-Bottle not simply for the active-minded. If you live or work in an old building you might have reason to worry about the quality of the plumbing. Put those fears to bed by making sure you’re only drinking pure, uncontaminated water. Whether you’re writing a report or camping miles from civilisation, you need to stay hydrated. Stop worrying with the Go-Bottle!

Why the Go-Bottle hiking water filter?

  • Reliable – Purifies and filters to international standards.
  • Simple to use – Use like any other sports bottle.
  • Easy to hold – Specially moulded to fit your hand.
  • Long-lasting – Filters up to 500 litres or around 200 days constant use.
  • BPA Free – Environmentally friendly,
  • Affordable – Costs less than 2c per litre of water filtered.

On a much longer trip? Don’t worry about water purification while hiking long-distance any more. The Go-Pump can filter up to 5000 litres in total. We know you’ll love the Go-Pump as it uses the same technology as the Go-Bottle.

Don’t gamble with your most precious possession – your life. Ensure that wherever you are, you always have a clean, refreshing drink. Don’t risk getting sick while camping, water filters such as the Go-Bottle are easy to use and cheaper and more convenient than bringing bottled water. Order today and have peace-of-mind delivered to your door!

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